Beauty Artist Yoriko
Let's Shine On You!


Yoriko was born in Tokyo, and rased in Osaka Japan. She worked in the entertainment indutry as a model and actress.She had numerous experiences in advertisement, CM, bridal show, and TV dramas, films, and stage plays. She playedroles that ranged from modern to period play (Geisha girl) including leading roles

1997, she moved to NY, and in 2001, moved to LA. She set up NPO Pacific Theatre Production" with her friends, and traveled the LA area and Orange County area to perofom  short plays. Through the performing arts, she was inspired by beauty stuff, so she studied and obtaied CA cosmetology license, Kimono Stylist & Instructor from Yamano ryu , and Profesional name as "Rinsen Wakayagi" form Japanese classical Dance Wakayagi ryu.

She can provide clients modern and traditional hair & Make up style. Through her performing carreer, she loves to Kimono Dressing both every day style and stage Geisha Style. She loves to create something new!
Yoriko has been cutting and coloring my hair for 15 years. I always received great comments from my friends after my hair was done. She always suggests a different color for seasons and occasions. She has a great technique for washing my hair and massaging my head. It feels so good that it makes me so relaxed. 
My hair used to be very hard and always stuck out if I cut it too short. She gave me a shampoo and some treatment as a birthday gift that really helped my hair to be more silky and smooth. She is a very sweet, caring, and trustworthy person.

Ryoko Gibson